Keir Hardie University Health Park

I have been commissioned to produce photographic art work for the new Academic Centre at Keir Hardie University Health Park in Merthyr Tydfil. It has been a fantastic opportunity to engage with new spaces in the building and develop new strategies as an artist.

Discussing the ideas behind the art work with the staff at Cwm Taf Health board has also given me insight into how an art piece can be approached in different ways and how much the space itself can influence a piece of work. It has been an invaluable experience and I am pleased to announce that the art work will be in its production phase very soon.

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Please watch this video if you want to know more about what facilities they have at Keir Hardie University Health Park;

The Leaf Project – ‘A Closer look’ 

The Leaf Project was inspired by the use and location of the Academic Centre at Keir Hardie Health Park. The function of the building as a place for clinical training in patient care, and its physical relationship with nature in its immediate rural setting were taken into consideration in the working process of the project.

The idea of using leaves began to play a key role in the development of the artworks. Whilst investigating and visually analysing a range of leaves on a macro scale, the ‘touch and textures’ on the leaves became of great significance. The ideas for the artworks began to focus more on the ‘veins and cells’ of each individual leaf as the relationship between human skin and the surface of the leaves became intertwined.

The photographs strive to work in partnership with the building and the people who occupy it, providing visual engagement at regular intervals from the entrance throughout the building.

The Poppy Triptych – ‘Opiate’

The concept of the Poppy Triptych originally came into being through the flower’s historical and current medicinal reference to opium. It was relevent to the nature and purpose of Keir Hardie Health Park as a place of medicine and healing.  The focus on the subject of the poppy itself became a study of its structure, colour and texture, giving emphasis to it’s delicacy and beauty.

These principles gradually developed whilst considering the space, colour and light of the room in which they were to be presented. The poppies work harmoniously within the overall space, aiming to create a tranquil setting for the people who use it.

Proposal Photographs 

Whilst working on the proposed pieces it was agreed with the staff at Cwm Taf that there would be several leaf triptychs proposals to choose from and also a choice for the single image for the corridor space.

It was proposed that each photograph should be printed 30″ x 30″ colour matt paper and mounted on 2mm aluminium considering aspects of health and safety. The images would be fixed on to the wall using a subframe for each one. All photographs would also be covered with a matt seal to ensure extra protection for each piece.

Discussion over proposed pieces

The poppy triptych was a success and all members of staff were thrilled! The colours work beautifully in the space and create a simplistic and calming feeling to the area.


Further Discussion 

At a later date other members of staff from Cwm Taf Health board came to view the work. A decision was made as to which leaf triptych would be used for the top of the stairs space and also for the single leaf photograph in the corridor space. Amongst colleagues it was also suggested that another image could be used in the foyer area.

The chosen leaf triptych for the top of the stairs and single photographs for the foyer area and corridor space.


It was an extremely exciting moment to have the work delivered. The colour and detail in the photographs are amazing and the aluminium mounts are superb…I couldn’t be more pleased! ‘Spectrum Photographic’ have done a wonderful job! Im looking forward to getting them in their spaces!


The work has been successfully installed and looks fantastic! I had the wonderful pleasure of working with the estates, over seeing all pieces of art works and finalising how they will be presented in their spaces.

Final Art Pieces

It is absolutely amazing to see all pieces of art work come together. I am so pleased with the outcome and how each piece enhances each space. The colour and detail of the poppies are fantastic and look almost sculptural due to their size and layout. They bring the whole space together and  there has been many positive comments from staff and people who use the room.

The leaf triptych creeps up on you as you turn to continue to walk up the stairs…offering a surprise element to the work which I didn’t expect. As you continue to walk up the stairs the work becomes the main focal point offering an engaging experience for the viewer. The work reminds me of a style of painting called ‘pointillism’ given its detail and grain like quality to the photographs.

The single leaf foyer photograph looks absolutely beautiful in its space and gives the entrance a more welcoming feeling. When viewed from a distance again the work has this element of being seen as a painting due to its blend of colours and form. It has been mistaken quite a few time already but I feel this is the beauty of working this way.

The single corridor leaf image changes the overall space as you walk past the work. Again the detail in this photograph is amazing and so wonderful to view up close. When standing from this piece of work it begins to ‘pop out’ at you giving yet another unexpected quality due to its size and type of detail.

A special visit from Prince Charles

Great news to here that Keir Hardie Health Park is having a Royal visit! Lets hope he enjoys all the lovely artwork there!