Y Bwthyn – Palliative Care Unit

I have been commissioned to produce work for the new Y Bwthyn NGS Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Unit in Llantrisant. Working with Willis Newson and liaising with other Artists on the project, the underlying theme for the whole unit has been to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. My work in particular focuses on the local landscape around South Wales to convey a sense of belonging to the local area. During the working progress of the project I was greatly influenced by the memories and dreams of both staff and patients at the current Y Bwthyn Cottage Hospital in Pontypridd. This mainly took place through meaningful conversation and workshop style settings.

The final images are printed and displayed in eight patient bedrooms using bespoke interchangeable frames, allowing patients to choose from twenty finalised photographs. The work is also produced in the form of a book for both patients and their families for use in the bedrooms and day room.

If you would like to see more and find out about the work of other artists involved in the project, take a look at this video! Enjoy!